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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina is a unique organization consisting of 3 Club facilities, our O.T. Sloan site and Church Street site located in Lee County and our WREN Family Center located in Chatham County. Our goal is to provide every child with the essential tools needed for a successful and bright future. Since 1995, the vision of Boys & Girls Clubs has grown and changed with the needs of our children. As the needs of our children and their families continue to change, so will the dynamics of our programs and services.
Every day, we strive to improve each child's life by implementing self-esteem, courage, and positive values through all of our programs. Our youth who come to the Club receive tutoring, computer training, sports education, homework help, mentoring, and much more. Our youth gain confidence by developing a sense of usefulness and belonging.
If you are looking for an exciting place for children to learn and grow or would like to volunteer or become a child's mentor, you have come to the right place. Find out more about us by exploring this website. Information about programs, locations, volunteer and donation opportunities are included. Keep reading to learn more about what we do. We guarantee that you will find what you are looking for!


We believe in keeping our membership costs affordable for all youth. We average 320 youth at our O.T. Sloan Site, 100 youth at our Church Street Site and 75 for our WREN Center. Because of this, membership does become full pretty quickly. We hold membership registrations for the school year and the summer sessions. Cost for school year membership at all locations is $52.00. This cost covers after school care, teacher workdays, and spring break. The membership cost for the summer is $40. We are open 9 weeks in the summer. We close for the week of July 4th. There is also a $25 weekly fee at O.T. Sloan and a $15 weekly fee at the Church Street and WREN Center locations for the summer. During that time, we are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The kids are also provided with a USDA breakfast and lunch each day at no additional cost. 


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Sanford/Lee County will be celebrating 20 years this year. In 1994, concerned community leaders met to address the increased teen pregnancy, school dropout, and juvenile justice crime rates for Lee County children. They chose a proven national program to help battle the issues. Boys & Girls Clubs of America began working with them to develop a local organization. In 1995, St. Clair School was designated as the first site and the Club received a Charter in December for 124 members. In 1997, the Club moved from St. Clair to Jonesboro Elementary. It was at that time that the board leaders decided to construct a stand-alone facility. In 1999, the Club opened a 17,000 square foot unit at 1414 Bragg Street (currently the O.T. Sloan Unit). The Club added 2 more units within the next few years; the Armory Unit on McIver Street in 2001 and the Church Street Unit in the Sanford Housing Authority in 2004. In 2008, due to funding cuts and worsening economy, the Club closed the Armory Unit and transferred the members to the 2 existing units. In 2016, Lee County merged with Chatham County. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Sanford/Lee County and Eastern Piedmont changed their names to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina. The Club currently operates three units with a $800,000 annual budget. It employees 7 full-time and 27 part-time staff to serve a daily average attendance of over 450 children within the 3 sites. 
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