St. Augustine Literacy Program

St. Augustine Literacy Project

The Augustine Literacy Project embarked on a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sanford/Lee County to improve the literacy skills of Club children who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling skills. The typical Boys & Girls Club student that qualifies for an Augustine Tutor is 1-2 years behind in reading, has a single parent or guardian, who cannot afford to pay for private tutoring, and who qualifies for Medicaid, subsidized housing, or free lunch at school. Staff monitors the homework each day at "Power Hour" and refers the children who struggle with completing their homework to Barbara Yuskevich, Volunteer Director of the Literacy Project.
After a Club child is referred to the Augustine Literacy Project, the child is assessed for mastery of their sounds and other literacy skills. The Club student is paired with an Augustine trained tutor who will complete 60 research based, pro bono lessons with that student. The Augustine Tutor and Club child usually meet 2-3 times per week to complete their lesson. Each lesson contains the following literacy skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension. Each tutor works with their child to fill in the literacy gaps and to give the child the practice they need to improve their reading skills. Each lesson lasts for 45-60 minutes. 
As you can imagine, the Augustine Literacy Project has a waiting list of Club kids who need tutors and we are always seeking volunteers who would like to help a struggling reader. A very generous Duke-Energy Grant enabled the necessary tutor materials to be provided for volunteers willing to be trained to become Augustine Literacy Tutors. We have currently trained 17 tutors and will be holding a summer training July 6-17, 2015 at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church. Please contact Barbara Yuskevich for more information regarding the Augustine Literacy Project Training Classes at 919-777-4720. 

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